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Stamford Document Scanning & Imaging Services

Stamford Document Scanning & Imaging Services

At Stamford Document Scanning, we understand that your scanning project is unique. There are lots of variables, integration issues, and preferences that go into inserting digital documents into your workflow.

Our services include Stamford paper scanning, microfiche scanning, microfilm scanning, and large-format scanning. We have a first-class facility and mobile equipment that can be brought on-site to your business.

Types of Documents to Scan:

Documents to scan

  • Large format documents
  • Business records
  • Medical documents and patient information
  • Human resources documentation
  • Government records and ledgers
  • Legal documents
  • and more!

Service Options

  • Stamford document scanning: Paper comes in thousands of varieties and we have experience in all types. We can scan documents from credit card receipts to full-size architectural drawings. We have experience with a variety of papers as well, including tissue paper, color copies and double-sided documents.
  • Micrographics migration to digital formats: Our experienced staff has handled hundreds of millions of microfilm images. When necessary, our processing laboratory personnel will evaluate microfilm flaws and recommend procedures to enhance the film before scanning.
  • Microfiche scanning: Microfiche formats are notoriously difficult to work with. We use a pre-scanned image to evaluate the precise location of images prior to microfiche scanning. These documents are scanned concurrently to minimize client turnaround time.
  • Microfilm scanning: Our high speed film scanning equipment converts both 16mm and 35mm film. We can handle a wide spectrum of film reduction ratios. Our scanners are equipped with sophisticated image enhancement software that produces the highest possible quality electronic images.
  • Engineering Drawing Scanning: Our scanning and conversion services for drawings include blueprints, mylars, and drawings spanning “A” to “J” sizes. Although most clients request TIFF or Adobe PDF images, output is available in a variety of formats, including DWG, CALS and JEDMICS

Unlocking the Advantages of Document Digitization in Stamford

Accessibility: The transition to digital documents in Stamford opens the door to unparalleled accessibility. Instant retrieval and seamless sharing empower efficient collaboration, ensuring swift access to critical information when needed.

Security: Embracing digital documents enhances security on multiple fronts. Through encryption, robust access controls, and secure backups, the risks associated with physical document storage are mitigated. This approach provides a strong defense against unauthorized access or potential loss.

While improved accessibility and security stand as primary advantages of document scanning, there are additional compelling benefits to consider. Digital documents amplify collaboration, optimize space efficiency, enhance searchability, ensure compliance and retention, preserve documents, and offer a host of other advantages that contribute to a comprehensive and modern document management approach.

Two Major Benefits of Digitizing Documents

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Stamford Document Scanning offers secure document scanning anywhere in Connecticut. We’re experts in document scanning and imaging, Optical Character Recognition, and indexing services. Our secure facility can handle your sensitive records to ensure your documents are protected from the start of your conversion project to the final stage of storage or disposal.

To get free, no obligation quotes today, fill out the form or give us a call at (203) 614-1458. Within minutes of receiving your request, we’ll be in contact to help you with your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Document Scanning?

Document scanning is the process of converting physical documents into a digital format. Using advanced scanners or specialized equipment, Stamford Document Scanning captures images of paper documents, transforming them into electronic files.

How Does Document Scanning Work?

Initiated by placing a paper document into a scanner, the process utilizes light or cameras to create a digital image. The resulting image is then saved as a digital file, commonly in formats such as PDF or TIFF.

Why Choose a Professional for Document Scanning?

Stamford Document Scanning’s professionals employ high-quality scanning equipment and expertise to ensure accurate and efficient document scanning. They handle large document volumes, maintain quality standards, and offer comprehensive indexing and organization services.

How Is the Security during the Scanning Process?

Security and confidentiality are paramount in document scanning services. Stamford Document Scanning prioritizes these aspects by implementing encryption, access controls, and secure facilities to safeguard your documents and data throughout the scanning process. Choosing a reputable provider with robust security measures is crucial for peace of mind.

What Is the Cost of Document Scanning Services?

Professional document scanning services in Stamford typically have an average cost ranging from 7 to 12 cents per page scanned. The total expenditure depends on factors such as the quantity of documents, preparatory work required, and the service location.

What Is the Timeframe for Digitization and Document Access?

The duration to complete your document scanning project and provide access to digital files varies based on document nature, order volume, and selected services. Stamford Document Scanning is committed to accurate scanning and the timely delivery of your vital documents, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.